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Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns

Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns
His television program was pulled from the air. Just days after the column appeared … where editors and reporters say there is little room for nuance in the debate over gun laws. Moderate voices that might broaden the discussion from within …

Ruger Makes it Official: New Factory Going Up in North Carolina (VIDEO)
Good news for the people of North Carolina and Ruger fans everywhere, Sturm, Ruger & Company has put ink to paper on the construction of a new firearms plant in Mayodan, N.C., in Rockingham county. The facility is expected to employ about 450 people when …

3 Reasons Why Sturm, Ruger Could Continue to Advance
A former U.S Navy submarine officer, Fifer attended the Naval Academy and got his MBA at the Harvard Business School. I was particularly impressed during the analyst-management Q&A session. Fifer came off as enthusiastic about the product that Ruger sells …

Congressional Study: Murder Rate Nearly Halved from 1994 as Gun Ownership Soared

Congressional Study: Murder Rate Nearly Halved from 1994 as Gun Ownership Soared

Well, that is conclusive proof that firearm ownership is NOT a factor in the homicide rate.

Twenty years of putting nonsense first

Twenty years of putting nonsense first
When your stock and trade is irrational logic, you publish the same stuff.An example of such irrationality was recently whelped by a politicized organization now called the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCPGV). They were originally called the Legal Community Against Violence, though both names are misleading given that their stated goal is enacting lots of gun control laws, not anti violence laws. In a knee jerk reaction to a crazy person murdering people in a law firm one tragic day in San Francisco, this band of local liberal litigators took it upon themselves to develop novel theories, imposing liability on gun manufacturers for the criminal misuse of their products and inventing/promoting legislation designed to reduce the availability of guns. In the 20 years since then, they have effectively become the law firm for the gun ban lobby.

Aimpoint Pro Review

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic or Aimpoint PRO is a scope especially made with police officers and tactical shooters in mind. It promises to have great technology that is great for the taking out to the field. Check out the specifications and quick user review to know if the Aimpoint Pro is worth all the buzz.

Technical Specs:

  • Hard-anodized matte black 30mm housing
  • Aluminium body
  • Recessed front class that is multi-coated
  • Special band-pass coating on the front lens
  • 1X magnification
  • Water resistant up to 150 feet
  • Works well in temperatures from -50 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 30,000 hour battery life

The Aimpoint Pro has the 1x magnification, similar to all Aimpoint Scopes optics. This allows the use of both eyes open and full peripheral vision, which is important for quicker acquisition of the target. The threaded front lens, transparent rear lens cap, unlimited eye relief and 2-minute-of-angle red dot are very useful features to police officers and expert marksmen.

The Aimpoint Pro is great for fast target acquisition because of its structure. It also has good adaptability. It can be mounted on the SIG 516 and can be used with most shotguns by simply removing the spacer under the mount. The Aimpoint Pro works with other magnifiers such as Lucid 2-5X and Samson 30mm, which is great for variety’s sake.

In terms of wear and tear, the Aimpoint Pro passed the “torture tests” that were ran in this review. Some parts of the test appeared silly but they had to be done to check if the Aimpoint Pro would survive.

First and as expected, it was used in various training drills of slow aimed shots and fast action shots to test accuracy and the use of lenses. At the same time, it was subjected to switching between magnifiers. The Aimpoint Pro was also put in the backseat of a car driven during a hot day and put in a freezer to test the temperature claims. Finally, it was dunked in a bucket of water to check for water resistance.

What was the result?
The optics, the housing and the general built did not falter. Of course, the beating would not be comparable to real life combat action, but given that the Aimpoint Pro remained unscratched and in mint condition, it was enough to impress.

In addition, the long battery life works wonders, too. No one can attest to the 30,000 or approximately 3 years of hour battery life yet but it is a good feature in itself.
There are not much points for improvement for the Aimpoint Pro. The only thing that could possibly be further developed is the magnification for long-range and pinpoint accuracy to enable police officers to take shots that are more precise without having to put on attachments.

All in all, the Aimpoint Pro delivers fast-action optic, durability and long battery life. The best part? Because it was made for police officers, the Aimpoint pro has all the expert engineering with a price that is reasonably fit for the law enforcement budget.

The fame of Ruger 10 22 stocks came to a point that many users had wanted to make their gun different from others. Because of this, many gunsmiths and gun manufacturers have spent a lot of time developing configurations for Ruger 10 22 stocks. As of last year, there have been six basic Ruger 10 22 models which come with a lot of variations and features different from each model.

  • 10/22 Carbine comes with an 18.5″ barrel bound with hardwood body. It also comes with a stainless steel receiver and fitting for LaserMax scope.
  • 10/22 Takedown released on March 2012, the 10/22 takedown is the latest addition to the line of Ruger 10 22 stocks. It features easy assembly and disassembly with only a few tools to use. It is shipped in a sleek backpack that houses all needed components for assembly.
  • 10/22 Target designed for mainly for target shooting, this is the heaviest of all Ruger 10 22 stocks in the market. What makes it heavier is its 20″, high precision barrel.
  • 10/22 Compact it is sleek and smaller and comes with a 16″ barrel only.
  • 10/22 Sporter it comes with a 19′ barrel and black walnut stock.
  • 10/22 Tactical This is the only stock of all Ruger 10 22 stocks that comes with a flash suppressor that perfectly conceals your location after firing. It also comes with a fitting for a bipod and a 16″ barrel. EOTech HOLOgraphic 552.XR308 Weapon Sight: Sports … EOTech HOLOgraphic 552.XR308 Weapon Sight: Sports …
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Smaller and lighter than other holographic weapon sights, the EOTech XPS2-0 is an ideal compact option for your weapon platform. The XPS2-0 sports a revolutionary … Tapco Intrafuse SKS Rifle Stock System (Black …
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The Race That Could Unseat Anti-Gun Harry Reid As Senate Majority Leader

The Race That Could Unseat Anti-Gun Harry Reid As Senate Majority Leader

Steve Daines has been a vocal leader for protecting the Second Amendment from the first day he was elected to Congress in 2012.

G&A’s Holiday Gift Guide for Modern Sporting Rifles

Those of us who own AR-15s understand the sense of pride we take in accessorizing our modern sporting rifles .

A Recent Uptick in Concealed Carry Permitsin California?

Solano County, Calif., only saw 27 concealed carry permits issued in 2011, but that number is up to 254 for the year.

Bullet Points – May 14

Bullet Points – May 14
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Bullet Points – November 15
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Bullet Points – September 9
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Canadian Man in Stand Off Had 182 Guns in His Name

Canadian Man in Stand Off Had 182 Guns in His Name
A 20-hour standoff between police and a 71-year-old man holed up in a Côte Saint-Luc, Que., home ended just after 8 a.m. ET after he was shot with a rubber bullet and taken into custody. Const. Daniel Lacoursière of the Montreal police said Wednesday morning that a suspect was arrested by a police tactical unit without incident. He was identified as Isidore Havis by family lawyer Jeffrey Boro. He did not have any apparent injuries, but was taken to hospital for… [CBC News (Canada), via]

Snowden Hits Hurdles in Search for Asylum

Snowden Hits Hurdles in Search for Asylum

Lawmakers Get Involved in Civilians’ Housing Fight